It's our anniversary

We are just about one year into our business and it has been such an amazing, paradigm shifting, affirming and learning experience. I started this business with a commitment to do meaningful work with great intention and purpose. I left a long time career in non-profit and never looked back. There is something magical about taking a leap of faith and betting on yourself.

My greatest learnings are as follows:

1) A trusted business coach that you really, really vibe with and has her own jam going on and thriving is VITAL;

2) Your people, your circle, your supporters are critical lifelines when you need a thought partner, an inspiration or a hug. Choose them wisely!

3) Identifying ideal clients is harder than it sounds and crafting and refining your offerings happens more then one time. Patience is required. Doh!

4) Systemizing what you can is essential. Emails, payments, calendars...It makes life that much easier.

5) There are a ton of badass boss women out there and they rock my world! They are major influencers, inspiration and got it going on! Noelia Sanchez, Christine Kane, Danielle La Porte, the chingonas from Morado Lens podcast, the badass gals from Badassery Magazine, Carrie Green...the list goes on. Develop your bigger circle of influence and inspiration. They will be generous with sharing what they’ve learned along the way. If they aren’t, find other influencers.

6) Curate the best places to work that invite good energy into your work. I LOVE my co-working space, Pro Desk Space. It has good energy, is supportive and I’ve made friends with other entrepreneurs.

7) Marketing is not an option, it’s a must!

8) Practicing gratitude is essential to inviting more fabulous things to be grateful for back into the business.

9) Create business rituals such as learning days, admin days, network days and creative days and PLAY days.

10) Always thank those who help, love and support you and then thank them again and again: Alyson Yarberry, CEO of Modera, Inc who created my beautiful website and whole brand, making all of it reflect the spirit of my work. Noelia Sanchez, creator of Noteworthy Lab, and my super awesome business coach who is a whole world of knowledge. And, my dear business and life partner, Ray Mijares, who reads my proposals, keeps track of the numbers, boosts our postings and believes in me always. Thank you all, with love!