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We are a woman-owned business grown from the intention to do work that contributes to our diverse communities and work places. Our values are deeply rooted in relationships, community and social justice. We do our work in partnership with our clients and always with a humble heart of service.

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Diversity Leadership
Capacity Building

We provide inclusive approaches that are rooted in best practices in cultural relevancy, mindfulness and cultural proficiency.

Community Engagement

We develop and customize strategies for building community among diverse groups.

Facilitation & Process Design

We are skilled facilitators. Let us design and facilitate your group, staff and board meetings when it’s essential to be a part of the conversation.

Women's Clarity, Vision and Intention Setting Work

We design, teach, train and facilitate group and individual processes for women and girls to support and guide them to living with more clarity, intention and vision.





We offer two series of Vision Board workshops: Full and half day.  These sessions are all about getting clear on what your authentic life is really all about, letting go of what's holding you back and designing a vision that calls to you. All sessions dive into the work of intention setting and clarity as part of your visioning process to help manifest your desired outcomes in any or all areas of your life. All sessions also incorporate elements of the Fire Starter Sessions program; a practical guide for soulful discovery. 

BE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE  Series Full day Vision Board Workshops and the  Create Your Dream Life Series Half-day Vision Board Workshops are offered on a regular basis at cool spaces in Orange County. We keep these workshops intimate for up to 10-15 women ages 18 and up.  Private workshops for your home or workspace are also available. Fill out the sheet below and we will take care of the rest. 


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What My Clients Are Saying

  • Having a trusted partner like Danielle at the table will assure the success of your project
    — Stacy Hill-Williams
  • She is an energetic, goal-oriented and passionate individual dedicated to the social justice of our communities
    — Oscar De La O
  • I would not hesitate to recommend her as an outstanding professional
    — Sid Gardner
  • Thank you for bringing more clarity and faith in the vision board!
    — Lourdes