Diversity Leadership Capacity Building

What you’re looking for:  Our clients understand the changing landscape of the community they serve and want to make certain their work approach, values and teams reflects their communities. Our clients value mult-level aspects of diversity and are looking to develop and support diverse, inclusive approaches rooted in best practices of cultural relevancy, mindfulness and moving toward cultural proficiency. 

How we support: Design customized trainings for awareness and skill acquisition that promotes a deeper understanding of barriers that may impact serving clients and team efficacy.  Provide team and leadership technical assistance in conflict transformation, effective communication, strategy development in both large and small groups that invites deeper dive into diversity issues exploring privilege, community and awareness.

Community Engagement

What you’re looking for: Our clients value and need deeper community connection.  Clients want to work in partnership with community and their partners to address issues that impact community well-being, health and safety and to build stronger relationships for systemic change. 

How we support: Develop and provide customized strategies for communities in building and restoring relationships through small and large group facilitation.



Facilitation and Process Design

What you’re looking for: Our clients are in need of a deeper team check-in; looking for project strategy support; need help developing a mission, vision, objectives and goals; or need a skilled, objective facilitator for a team process.

How we support: We are skilled facilitators trained in conflict resolution and restorative practices to help move processes along while helping to address and remove barriers. 

We love giving our clients a hand by facilitating those meetings where you really want to be part of the conversation. Effective agenda design, goal focused and with a purpose is how we lead your meetings.

Clarity, Intention-Setting and Leadership for women

What you're looking for: Our clients identify as women and are interested in getting more clarity about what they want to invite and make space for in their lives, both professionally and personally.  Our clients are ready to define success on their own terms

She is looking for strategies and support in finding her sacred ground as an empowered woman to design the life she wants. She is looking for support and guidance as she develops her next steps.

How we support: Design, teach and facilitate full day, half day vision and intention setting sessions and workshops for women and girls groups (organizational staff, private sessions, clubs, sports teams, community women and girls groups). We offer group and individual training and coaching inspired by Danielle La Porte's the Fire Starter Sessions, but tailored specifically for our clients.

We provide individual processes to support the development of a clear plan for living with more intention and purpose and moving forward in personal and professional leadership. 


Non-verbal communication

What you’re looking for: Our clients are  looking for new, practical and accessible communication and behavioral tools they and their staff can put into immediate action. Our business clients are mostly service-based needing to master soft skills of working with a variety people, from customers, to board members, community leaders and each other .  Our individual clients are looking to up-level their personal brand and image by learning and applying the laws of body language.

How we support: Non-verbal communication makes up the majority of our communication with others. Our goal with coaching and training is to provide you with the nonverbal advantage.  We help you focus on control, purpose and balance of your non-verbal communication to aid in all types of exchanges in both business and every day life. Whether you want to learn to make a great first impression, become interview ready, become better at negotiating, improve your presence, confidence and credibility or become a human lie detector, we can help you reach your goal.  


The Fire Starter Session Program are tools to take you in a more soulful direction, that also includes the practicalities of career, creativity, and business building. Ask Danielle about her Fire Starter workshops, one-on-one coaching and group coaching opportunities. 

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